Kit Sumo Games

An indie game studio on the South Coast of Australia making games for PC and Meta Quest.

A brutal, roguelite arcade blaster similar to Geometry Wars but in VR.

Blast the polygon alien horde and claim your place in the Hall of Heroes! Cosmic Survivor is an intense, survival shoot 'em up with roguelite elements, where your skill is on trial and the horde is always waiting.

Sit in comfort and play with a single controller as the game world surrounds you. Features a short game loop with rising intensity. Learn the best survival strategy or upgrade your ship over time to climb the global leaderboard.


Get it on App Lab, Sidequest or play the windowed version on PC at Steam 

A challenging escape room in a retro pixel style. Do you have what it takes to escape with your humanity? Cryptic clues, and risk of death prove more than most can handle in this puzzling adventure!

The demo is currently two rooms which should take around 30 minutes to solve. Be Aware! This is not your typical escape room with simple puzzles. Some of the cryptic clues are very challenging. A regular clue is provided after the hourglass runs out, followed by the solution.

Playable standing or room scale with smooth or teleport movement. 

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